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About me

My name is Romina and my story is far from being typical of almost every cat breeder.

1 year Boss 1º_5_edited.jpg

It is true that I have always felt fascinated by them, but circumstances led me down another path until I was able to enjoy this wonderful breed that is the Norwegian Forest.

I grew up in a dog kennel, so I was an exhibitor, trainer and, of course, breeder.

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12 years Zuska_1_edited.jpg

It was my father who taught me the importance of pedigrees, of the lines that came behind each specimen, to study each breeding plan as if it were the last one and to dedicate time, love and dedication to each litter.

From my mother I learned that fashions are temporary, to be faithful to the breed, to take care of the standard, to respect the original specimens and to fight for my goals ignoring what people like at the moment.

28 years old Gurka_2_edited.jpg
29 years Cosmo_1_edited.jpg

I have always carried those values ingrained in me and it is my philosophy as a breeder, so I will remain firm in preserving the Norwegian Forest as it was in its origins, as it really was and as it should continue to be.

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