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About Donalbai

The name Donalbai is due to a sacred forest located in the province of Lugo, my hometown.

My town descends from the Castrexan culture, a stateless society of Celtic origin, so all the kittens of the cattery Donalbai have Galician or Celtic names, since it is a legacy deeply rooted in us.


Donalbai Circle

On this map you will find all the miraculous, rite and cult places belonging to the Donalbai Forest.

Pena dos Mouros

A door to another world.

It is made up of three enormous pillars on which a stone in the shape of a dog skull sits.

On the evening of November 7, the Celtic Samhain, the last ray of sun illuminates the eye socket of the skull, opening a door that guides us to another world.

pena dos mouros.jpg

Penas de Rodas

sorrows of rhodes.jpg

Sacred place of worship.

They symbolize the marriage between the sun and the earth.

It is believed that one of the stones is filled with gold and the other with tar.

Another legend says that a single stone opened in half, giving rise to the two rocks and spilling the tar that was inside. The catastrophe petrified all the residents of the area, which would explain the current existence of numerous large stones in the area: they are the bodies of the inhabitants of the place that, due to the passage of time and erosion, adopted the shape usual for those rocks.

Miraculous fountain

One of the two ancient sources with healing powers, which is why they were considered miraculous.



A fort is a fortified town and is the most notable characteristic of the castrexa culture.

This particular one is located near where I live.


This is the torques of my town and it is the largest found in all Galicia.

A torques is a typically Celtic necklace.


Castrexa Festival

Every year we celebrate and honor our Castro roots.

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