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Donalbai kittenss are raised at home, in an environment full of love, attention and care, hence the selection of the future owner and their subsequent contact (receiving photos, knowing how they are...) are very important. They are also provided with education and get used to the daily hustle and bustle of a house (noises, visits...).


The kittens will go to their new homes fully socialized, accustomed to family life and sterilized from 16 weeks of age.

Health guarantee certified by a veterinarian that the kitten is in perfect health before leaving for its new home.

They will only leave the cattery if they are in perfect condition, otherwise their delivery will be delayed until they are completely recovered.


They will be delivered with all vaccinations up to date, dewormed internally and externally, microchipped, health card or Official European Passport and with a minimum of three veterinary check-ups.

Certificate that the cattery is free of Giardias, Coccidia, Trichomonas and any infectious disease.

Tested for feline immunodeficiency viruses (FIV) and feline leukemia viruses (FeLV).

Copy of their parents' genetic tests, such as GSD IV, HCM, PKD and PKDef.


A folder will be provided with all the available documentation: the aforementioned health tests, the adoption contract, the official CPF/FIFe pedigree (registered with the International Feline Federation) and a pendrive with photos and videos from birth.

Welcome pack consisting of samples of theirr usual feed, high-quality wet food and an assortment of toys

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