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Figa Donalbai*PT

  • Date of birth : 03/20/2024

     Sex : Female

     Color : Blue Turtle Blotched

     EMS : NFO g 22

  • The Figa is an amulet with deep roots in Galician tradition, its history goes back centuries and has its roots in Celtic culture, which left a significant mark in Galicia due to the presence of Celtic tribes in the region thousands of years ago.

     Its presence in Galician culture is an integral part of the region's identity and its use is often seen as an expression of cultural identity and pride. Wearing a Figa can be a way to maintain and pass on traditions and beliefs from generation to generation.

     Its shape of a closed fist with the thumb between the index and middle fingers is considered a powerful symbol of protection in Galician culture. It is used to ward off bad energies, protect from the evil eye, jealousy and envy and counteract the spells of witches who, as every good Galician knows, "habelas hailas".

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