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Deva Donalbai*PT

  • Birthdate : 08/12/2022

    Country: Spain


    Color: Silver Blotched Cream  

    EMS: NFO es 22

    Genotype: Aa dd Ii __ mcmc ww OO

  • In Celtic culture, Deva is a supreme goddess, worshiped above other deities because life, purification, health and love emanated from her.

    Deva is the Celtic goddess of water, the sea, emotions and feelings.

    She is the one who helps those who put love before other privileges and those who act with nobility of heart and who, without giving up other needs or ambitions, give love more importance than anything else.

    She is also responsible for helping humans achieve love, taking care of it when they have it, overcoming the difficulties that hold it back, and recovering it if others have managed to separate those who are destined to be together.

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