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Dana Donalbai*PT

  • Birthdate: 08/12/2022

    Country: Spain


    Color: Blue turtle  

    EMS: NFO g

    Genotype: aa dd ii __ __ ww Oo

  • Dana, the Celtic mother goddess, the oldest of the Irish deities, primordial goddess or elemental spirit of water who gave rise to the gods of Ireland.

    The primal goddess who gives her name to the Tuatha Dé Danann, by birth belonged to the gods of life, light and day. She is considered the triple Goddess, made up of a maiden who represents love and youth, a mother who represents life, fertility and abundance and an old woman who represents mystery, death and transcendence.

    Dana was not only a creator goddess responsible for fertility but she was also a teacher and guide to her followers. She is the goddess of creativity, imagination and art in all its facets. It is related to the Moon and as such, governs the tides.

    Universal Mother, patron saint of magicians, symbolized rivers, water, wells, wind, prosperity, magic and wisdom.

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