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Ézaro Donalbai*PT

  • Date of birth : 03/05/2024

    Sex : Male

    Color : Black silver mackerel with white (tip tail)

    EMS : NFO ns 23 09

  • Ézaro is the only parish in the municipality of Dumbría that borders the sea, the Atlantic Ocean and is crossed by the Xallas River, which falls into the sea in the form of a waterfall from 40 m high, unique in continental Europe.

     It is a magical and enchanting place, a place that since the times of the Supertamaric Celts has been the subject of countless legends and there are documented references dating back to 1724 that mention the waterfall, describing it as an enormous cloud of smoke that could be seen from several kilometers offshore.

     Mount Pinto, through which the waterfall falls, can be found numerous archaeological remains, such as petroglyphs, bronze tools and remains of a supposed ancient hermitage and inspired a large number of stories and legends of deities, sculptures or monsters and mythical giants, including some on the Xallas River, due to the Ézaro waterfall because its waters fall directly on the salt water of the sea.

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